Sakura dragon

The Sakura Dragon slot game is designed with Japanese-style icons as the standard symbols. The symbols pay differently depending on their value and how often they appear on the payline. If you can match five of these icons, you’ll get a maximum payout of 2500 coins. The lowest paying icons are generic card icons that offer different payouts. If you match three of the same kind, you’ll receive a minimum of 10 coins.

The Sakura Dragon slot features a simple layout, a simple paytable and a variety of extra features. The game’s Wild feature, which can help you scoop up more wins, adds extra wild symbols to the reels. In the Bonus round, you’ll see one or two animated dragons fly across the reels, dropping wild symbols. While the main focus of the game is on fun and rewards, the Sakura theme makes the game appealing to all players.

The game offers 15 paylines and multiple winning combinations. To win, you must match 3 symbols on a payline to trigger a payout. The scatter symbol is the Sakura Dragon symbol and you can earn a high payout of up to 5000 coins by matching five of these symbols. You can play the Sakura Dragon slot for fun or as a means to earn cash. When you hit a huge payout, you’ll receive a cash prize.

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